Battlefield Tournament

International Invitational Tournament

Primer torneo internacional de la CECB. Se establecen las reglas y normativa del torneo que se celebrará en el modo conquista.

02/11/2018 00:36

International Invitational Tournament

Spain - Saudi Arabia 

Game Type: Conquest

Players per Clan: 12

Minimum Clan Rating: 0

Rounds per Match: 4

League Points per Round: 1

Server Settings

Tickets: 50% (500)

Kill Cam: Off

Map Voting: Off


Friendly Fire: Off

Regain Health: On

3D Spotting: On

Mini Map Spotting: On

Fog: Off

Nametags: On

Elite soldiers: Off

Behemoth: Off

Aim assist auto rotation: Off

Aim assist slowdown: On

Lenient Latency: On

Weapon Restrictions

12g Automatic (All variants)

Automatico M1918 (All variants)

M97 Trench (All variants)

Model 10-A (All variants)

Martini-Henry (All variants)

All DLC weapons

Gadget Restrictions

Tripwire Bomb - GAS

Gas Grenade

Flare Gun is banned on Suez, Amiens and Argonne Forest only

Vehicle restrictions

Cavalry - No spawning, no using

Armor & Planes

- 2 Armored vehicles at the same time, cannot be the same type (i.e. light tank)

- 2 Planes at the same time, cannot be the same type (i.e. Fighter)

Map Restrictions

Restricted flags (not to be capped)

- St. Quentin Scar A + F

- Suez A + E

- Monte grappa B + D

- Amiens A + F

- Fao Fortress E + F

- Ballroom Blitz A + E

- Empires edge A + G

- Argonne Forest A + F

- Sinai Desert A , F + G

No DLC Maps


  1. The teams must communicate the day and time that the match will be played.

  2. The teams must send the captures of the players who played the match.

  3. Players must wear the name of their team.

  4. Teams must send server passwords to staff.

  5. Only registered players can play

  6. The servers must always have a tiebreaker map placed in the last position, the selection of said map will be agreed between the teams, in cases where there is no agreement, it will be the Staff that determines it.

International Invitational Tournament

Spain - Saudi Arabia


Legend of Danger

8L8 Clan

Army of One



Soldados de Fortuna

Clan Mataharis

Bega Elite


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